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IPM Stage 1
Value Mapping Method

Go to "Creating the IPM Stability Foundation" Go to "Technologies for Process Improvement" Everyone in your business impacts the bottom line. It makes sense, then, that everyone should understand their roles in helping the business reach its objectives. Through SAI's Value Mapping method, all employees, from the shop floor to the top floor, are a part of the improvement process and learn how they impact the day-to-day management process.

This unique combination of flow and causal mapping produces a blueprint for the implementation of Integrated Process Management.

Working with you, we "map" your business processes starting with customer and shareholder expectations for value and ending at the critical parameters at the "shop floor level" that impact these outcomes, producing maps that highlight the critical lateral and hierarchical relationships within and across the business.

At the "end" of the mapping cycle we have developed a clear and visual description of "how" you deliver value to the customer and shareholder.

The outcomes of value mapping and analysis are:

  • A clear and explicit alignment of work processes with important business outcomes.
  • Targeted and prioritized critical processes on which to focus improvement efforts, enabling you to leverage your resources to greatest benefit.
  • A process map that spans functional and organizational divides providing a "big picture" view, driving global as opposed to local optimization.
  • The context and framework for engaging people at all levels in day-to-day process management and improvement.
  • Specification of process-based performance measures, essential for effective process management and sustainability of results.

<< IPM Stages of Development Stage 2 >>
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