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Visual 5S

Effective process management and improvement requires a work environment that demonstrates commitment to standardization and excellence. Visual 5S provides a simple pathway to achieving and sustaining a clear, clean, safe and organized workplace. It is one of the key foundation elements for operational excellence. Work gets done efficiently, effectively and without waste. Visual 5S is not to be confused with “spring cleaning,” or “housekeeping.” Through the introduction of Visual 5S you will:

  • develop systems and behaviors that prevent accumulation of disorder.
  • put the workplace to work for you - facilitating the consistent flow of work through its visual design.
  • maintain an accurate, real time picture of a constantly changing workplace (and processes) so problems can be detected and response actions can be initiated systematically in a timely manner, thereby maintaining a stable and predictable system.

“If we expect people to be effective in daily process management then we must expect a workplace that demands organization, order and cleanliness and that sets the standard for the way we expect people to work.”


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