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Integrated Process Management Training

Thorough training in our Integrated Process Management approach is a core component of the service we deliver. Much of our training is provided as part of the implementation process, so skills in the tools and methods we teach are developed as we work alongside you on selected projects or processes.

The portfolio of training workshops for specific elements of IPM include:

  • Integrated Process Management Workshop (The Popcorn Factory Workshop)
  • Value Mapping and Analysis
  • Designing and Implementing Process-based Performance Measures
  • Visual 5S - Making the Workplace work for you
  • Standardized Work - Making Standard Procedures Standard Practice
  • Understanding Variation - the Key to Achieving Stability in the Workplace
  • Statistical Methods for Day-to-Day Process Management
  • IPM Improvement Technologies - the SAI "Black Belt" training. a project-based, multi-week curriculum for IPM specialists.
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