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IPM Stage 4
Process Management Systems

How important is sustainability to process improvement?

In a survey of over 200 business managers in the US regarding how well their businesses execute and confirm the results of their improvement efforts, over 60% stated that they see "lack of sustainability" as one of the greatest risks to their ongoing improvement efforts. We observe this problem in many organizations.

For this reason, we place tremendous emphasis on designing and implementing business and process management systems that drive behavior consistent with being "stable and capable," "fast and flexible" and "reliable."

Systems people use in day-to-day process management must reflect the understanding of the alignment between that work process and its internal customers and the overall business objectives.
We work with you to define these links from the top floor to the shop floor and to reflect this understanding in process measures and the design of process management systems.

Measures drive behavior.
We work with you to design and implement proper measures at the business and process level to gauge current conditions, process behavior and capability and measure progress.

Work must be defined in terms of content, sequence, timing and outcome.
We work with you to design your processes to "operate like controlled experiments." If the "work model" is right, then the outcomes will be right. If not, investigate, find out why and correct or improve the process.

People need to know "what is required and how they are doing."
We work with you to design systems to provide real time feedback to people on their performance as well as the performance of the whole.

People need the will, the belief and the wherewithal to contribute effectively.
We work with you to create a structured and needs-driven program of education for the organization as a whole. Further, we work to develop a support structure of trained and skilled resources to coach, train, facilitate and catalyze ongoing improvement work.

Important business systems need to be kept in the spotlight.
We work with you to establish regular inspection, audit, and review of the process management systems.

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