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Barry Sadler

Dr. Barry Sadler, Associate

Dr. Sadler, an accomplished Business Process Improvement consultant with extensive international experience, teamed up with Sinclair Associates Inc. in 2007.

In 2002 Barry established Net Carbon Consulting Pty Ltd., a carbon technology consultancy aimed at helping clients reduce the cost and improve the sustainability of operations by improving the effectiveness of carbon production/utilisation and better process management.

Barry started his working relationship with Sinclair Associates, Inc. in 1998, where as General Manager – Technical for Comalco Aluminium, he played a key leadership role in the adoption of Comalco’s operational excellence initiatives - “Integrated Process Management System” and “In Control and then Capable,” in which Sinclair Associates acted as the lead consultants.

His career started in research and development at the Comalco (Rio Tinto Alcan) Research Centre (CRC) in Melbourne, Australia in 1982 where he led the Carbon Technology Group. From there he advanced through a series of key management positions in various metals industries.

Barry received his B.App.Sc in Metallurgy from RMIT in Australia in 1982 and his PhD in Metallurgy from the University of Queensland in 1990.

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