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Patrick Putorti

Patrick Putorti, Associate

Patrick is an operations management consultant and lean professional serving the manufacturing industry. Patrick has experience in applying the principles of operational excellence both as a senior consultant and manager.

As a Senior Consultant with Alcoa’s Operations Management Consulting Group, Patrick consulted in over 32 Alcoa plants across the United States and internationally including Alcoa’s Kunshan, China rolling mill and San Ciprian, Spain refinery. Patrick has held the position of Director of the Alcoa Business System, (based on the Toyota Production System), for Alcoa’s Flexible Packaging division which included popular retail brands like Reynolds Wrap®.

Patrick has served as Plant Manager for Wright Manufacturing’s Commercial Lawnmower production in Maryland and Alcoa’s Traco Windows facility in Pennsylvania. He is also a dynamic presenter in 3 of Alcoa’s “Pathways to Operational Excellence” video courses, which teach key principles of the Alcoa Business System for plant and business leaders.

Patrick developed a strong understanding and commitment to the critical role culture plays in change management when he had the opportunity to work with a former Harvard professor on an Alcoa sponsored case study of a lean implementation that failed following a dramatic change in leadership. It is this foundation, matched with over 17 years of continuous improvement work that helps Patrick lead organizations in building world-class operating systems and teams that generate sustainable improvements in business performance. .

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