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"Roll up your sleeves. You're about to learn what Integrated Process Management is all about!"

Get your hands dirty...
In this "factory", you'll learn how SAI's Integrated Process Management (IPM) really works. Sinclair Associates offers you and your employees - from top floor to shop floor - a roll-up-your-sleeves, get-your-hands-dirty simulation that's internationally recognized.

Get a stable recipe... (Build the Stability Foundation)
In this workshop simulation, you'll experience the power of IPM as your team takes on the management of a struggling popcorn business. You'll understand the IPM principles and how to apply them. You'll work through the design, development and implementation of process management systems for day-to-day operation, taking the business to a state of stable and predictable operations. Without stability and predictability in process behavior, you'll see how your business will struggle, at best, with the benefits of improvement technologies.

Get the right mixture... (Apply an integrated improvement approach)
Using the best parts of the tools of Lean, Six Sigma and TPM/RCM, your team will advance the performance of its struggling popcorn business. You'll learn how Sinclair Associates integrates all of these improvement tools and how this integration is the best approach to leveraging your improvement efforts to create the greatest value for you and your customers.

Get everyone involved...
As you're popping and learning, you'll understand how every person in the company is vital to the success of that enterprise. The simulation helps you learn how work on the shop floor is and must be aligned with business outcomes demanded by the top floor. Results will show in financial, outcome and process measures you develop. You'll feel the adrenaline pumping as you work together as a team, crossing functional boundaries, to conquer variation, attain sustainable improvement and reach value-adding success!

Ready to pop in? Take a tour of SAI's Popcorn Factory.

Popcorn Factory Workshop Customization, Versions and Licensing Options

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