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Tailoring our Popcorn Factory Workshop to Your Specific Needs

Customization - Because “one size does not fit all,” we will customize the content and terminology of the Popcorn Factory Workshop to suit your specific business processes. We also advise customizing the design of this workshop to match the target audience.

  • Operational - focus on day-to-day operations
  • Managerial - focus on business results and systems design
  • Technical - emphasis on tools and methods

Versions - We offer several versions of this workshop to suit the needs of the audience including:

  • Our 2-day high-level workshop is recommended for organizations that are learning about IPM and getting lean in process industries.
  • Our 3-day customized version is more suited for organizations that have already started the journey and want deeper coverage of the methods & tools.

Licensing Options - Licensing options give you the flexibility to deliver workshops from within your own organization. Contact us for more information regarding licensing details.

Thanks to our clients who have allowed photographs of their operations to be displayed at this web site
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