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Bill Menhinick

Bill Menhinick, Associate

Bill Menhinick joined the SAI team in 2010 after retiring from ALCOA, Inc. after 30 years of working in the metals industry. His career reflects a broad base of experiences in aluminum manufacturing and sales including roles in industrial engineering, production control, sales/sales, the Alcoa Business System (Toyota based business improvement system) and operations management. Each job experience contributing to an increased understanding of the people and systems design required to develop, implement and sustain business process improvements.

Prior to his retirement and after his ABS assignment, he took on the challenge of applying his ABS knowledge in a department in which he was the only non-bargaining unit employee. Visual systems and the introduction of standard work were critical approaches utilized in this self-directed department. In his last assignment with ALCOA prior to retirement, Can Reclamation Superintendent, he applied the ABS tools & methods that contributed to his prior successes and added a few more (utilizing A3ís as living documents, tech support focusing on process stability, coordinating daily interactions (some Level I, some Level II) between operators and support personnel (supervisors, technicians, maintenance, process). Successive annual production records were achieved his final two years in Can Reclamation.

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