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IPM Stage 3
Technologies for Process Improvement

Go to "Value Mapping Method" Go to "Creating the IPM Stability Foundation" Our experience has shown that process improvement is best achieved through the integration of three proven business improvement technologies:

  • Variation Reduction through Six Sigma methods and tools
  • Speed, Flexibility and Flow through our blend of Lean and Theory of Constraints methods and tools
  • Equipment Reliability and Functionality through our blend of TPM/RCM methods and tools

Rarely do we find solutions arising from just one of these strategies. Instead, our experience has clearly shown that the most effective improvement solutions arise from the flexible application of all three, uniquely tailored from one situation to the next.

For a business to be excellent at the "way we improve," business leaders as well as improvement specialists cannot limit their knowledge and focus to just one of these areas, but instead, must draw upon the integration of all three technologies.

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