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IPM - The Power of an Integrated Approach

Go to "Value Mapping Method" Go to "Creating the IPM Stability Foundation" Go to "Technologies for Process Improvement" Integrated Process Management (IPM) combines"back-to-basics" process management with a carefully integrated set of proven process improvement technologies. The success of the IPM approach is in the critical distinction between "process management" and "process improvement."

Process Management…
IPM builds a solid base for day-to-day process management. Without stable and predictable operations, improvement is difficult if not impossible. Improvement efforts falter as people divert their attention to the problem of the day. Gains are lost because of the lack of systems which lock in the new way of doing things. A solid "stability foundation" is key to making process improvement efforts effective.

Process Improvement…
Using our integrated approach to process improvement, we custom design a program to fit your business culture, capabilities and needs based on three improvement technologies: Six Sigma, Lean Synchronous Flow and TPM/RCM.

Through an integrated approach we are able to deliver:
   •The most effective improvement pathway
   •The best business solutions
   •Measurable and quantifiable results
   •Systems for sustaining and building on improvements

IPM Stages of Development...

Thanks to our clients who have allowed photographs of their operations to be displayed at this web site
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