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Improvement Technologies
(IPM "Black Belt" Training)

SAI's Improvement Technologies course - the IPM equivalent of "Black Belt" training, is a multi-week, project-based seminar that provides an integrated toolkit. The curriculum is:

  • Six Sigma Methods and Tools - 2 weeks
    The IPM specialist will gain higher expertise in the application of basic tools such as process mapping, FMEA, basic statistical methods, and DMAIC, which were used in introductory classes for building the Stability Foundation.

  • Lean Synchronous Flow - 1 week
    This unique workshop blends the principals and methods of Lean Manufacturing (based on the Toyota Production System) and Theory of Constraints (developed by Eli Goldratt).

  • TPM/RCM - 1 week
    This curriculum is based on a combination of the principles and methods of Total Productive Maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance.

The objective of this course is to create the skills necessary for a person to become a "process improvement specialist" with expertise in a variety of complementary technologies that will add value to your business's bottom line.

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