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Sinclair Associates, Inc.

Working with SAI…
We know you…you know us. SAI is small by design. There is no upfront marketing person followed by less experienced junior consultants to do the work for you. Solutions imposed from outside of your company will at best be minimally successful, and can often damage the efficiency of your company. By staying focused on industries with which we are familiar, we are able to learn your business processes quickly and help you apply appropriate methods effectively. As experts in these methods, we serve as advisors, teachers and helpers to you and your employees.

We work with you to build and install the systems and measures necessary to ensure sustainable benefits from the introduction of Integrated Process Management methods and tools. By maintaining a focus on day-to-day use of IPM techniques, our customers save money in the short term and continue to produce savings in the long term.

Thorough training in our Integrated Process Management techniques is a core component of the service we deliver. Our training provides you and your employees with a deep understanding of the tools and methods. Skills in the application of these tools are developed as we work alongside you on selected projects or processes. Our training and guidance in the techniques combined with your employees’ knowledge of your processes leads to the development of creative and effective solutions and a high degree of ownership in success.

We help your organization maintain focus on the development and implementation of process management systems and avoid the perils of time and crisis, which often derail these types of initiatives.

26 Years of Experience…
Since 1986, SAI has been teaching and applying tools and methods for business process improvement that are regularly repackaged into "new" process improvement methodologies. High demand for the proven methods and tools we use as well as our demonstrated ability to deliver lasting results has enabled us to serve clients in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Australia, South America and southern Africa.

Our Team…
Keith Sinclair Keith Sinclair

Keith Sinclair is a business process improvement consultant with 28 years experience helping businesses achieve measurable improvement ... (read more)
Barry Sadler Barry Sadler

Dr. Sadler, an accomplished Business Process Improvement consultant with extensive international experience, teamed up with Sinclair Associates Inc. in 2007.... (read more)
Mike Peters Mike Peters

Prior to joining Sinclair Associates, Mike spent 34 years with Alcoa in Operations Management, Sales and Marketing Management and Supply Chain Management and Lean Manufacturing Management and as an Internal Alcoa consultant implementing Alcoa’s Business Systems, (ABS) a lean system derived from the Toyota Production System.... (read more)
Ed Hill Ed Hill

Ed Hill has worked as a professional business consultant with numerous companies in a myriad of industries to apply Synchronous Flow and Lean Manufacturing techniques within organizations of all sizes.... (read more)
Patrick Putorti Patrick Putorti

Patrick is an operations management consultant and lean professional serving the manufacturing industry. Patrick has experience in applying the principles of operational excellence both as a senior consultant and manager.... (read more)
Joe Preston Joe Preston

Prior to joining Sinclair and Associates in 2010, Joe worked with Alcoa Inc. as a process engineer, Smelter Quality Coordinator, Potroom Process Control Supervisor, Smelter Environmental Coordinator, and the Area Production Manager for the Baking Furnace and Green Mill.... (read more)
Thomas L. Gooch Thomas L. Gooch

During his 36 years at Howmet and Alcoa, Tom was able to learn all aspects of ABS (lean manufacturing) with focus on improving equipment reliability using tools such as RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance), TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Capacity Analysis, Practical Problem Solving, PM/PDM (Preventive/Predictive Maintenance), Machine Kaizen and Maintenance Organizational Development. .... (read more)
Bill Thompson Bill Thompson

Bill has been consulting in the field of process improvement and applied statistics since 1997... (read more)
Bill Menhinick Bill Menhinick

Bill's 30 year career in the metals industry reflects a broad base of experiences in aluminum manufacturing and sales including roles in industrial engineering, production control, the Alcoa Business System (Toyota based business improvement system) and operations management..... (read more)
Ed Ligon Ed Ligon

Ed has taught and led teams implementing Theory of Constraints, Lean Manufacturing and Leadership Development in numerous complex manufacturing, entrepreneurial, service and not-for-profit organizations ... (read more)

Thanks to our clients who have allowed photographs of their operations to be displayed at this website
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